Got the code working for the visor animations WHOOO HOOOO!! Had an epiphany this morning after fighting it for what felt like forever. Turned out to be stupidly simple, what I get for over complicating things.

The brains of the display is a SureElectronics 3208 display, driven by an Arduino micro controller. A rotary switch converted to a potentiometer connected to the Arduino is what allows for what animation selection.

New Project

I have decided to try and build my son a Master Chief costume for this years Halloween. I have chosen to go with foam rather than paper/resin combo for a couple reasons, mainly cost. Unlike the Samaritan build, this one I will have to have my son involved in the process as it will require measuring him literally from head to toe. That and he has been after me for some time to build a set of armor.

Before I dive head first into making a full on suit I have taken the advice of some of the foam suit builders over a the RPF and start small and simple, a Captain America Helmet.