Well, been a while for an update, so here we go.

The Thomas helmet, was not 100% completed for Halloween. There was some issues for with the control cable that I had not taken into account. More on that later when I get a chance. Oh, no pictures of the finish paint job, and it was dropped Halloween night and destroyed the paint. Sooo in the spring when it warms up we will revisit and fix the Helmet.

I got couple new pieces for my camera. A Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash and Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lens. The flash was needed badly as the one on my T3 (1100D) sucks. The new lens I plan on using for parties and landscapes. I still have my Rokinon 14mm for night sky and the like, but its manual focus and friggen heavy.

Also got a new spray gun, an Iwata LPH80. This was a Christmas gift I got to replace the crappy Harbor Freight spray gun I bought for painting the Thomas helmet.

Now, to wait for warm weather…

Got the code working for the visor animations WHOOO HOOOO!! Had an epiphany this morning after fighting it for what felt like forever. Turned out to be stupidly simple, what I get for over complicating things.

The brains of the display is a SureElectronics 3208 display, driven by an Arduino micro controller. A rotary switch converted to a potentiometer connected to the Arduino is what allows for what animation selection.

I picked up new lens. Its a Rokinon 14mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. I mainly wanted this for landscape type photos and night sky shots. The upside to the lens that it is half the price of the Canon EF-S 16-22mm, and 1/8th the price of the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM. Downside, its manual focus, but its a rather piddly downside as most of what I will be shooting with the lens will be at infinity anyway… with a 14mm lens past about 13 feet everything is in focus. 

I played around some and still working on finding where infinity is with the different F stops since the mark for infinity on the lens is, well, shit and way wrong. So here are two shots I took this morning after spending an entire evening messing around with the lens. Of all the pictures I took in the last 12hrs, these two I like best. Couple more days I think I will have this thing figured out and dialed in. 

Early morning shot of traffic. Early morning shot of moon with clouds

Last summer I got a new DSLR camera. I had out grown my point-n-shoot type camera, then it got stolen, so I made the jump to DSLR. Been taking images/photos (what ever you want to call them) and really like it. So have yet another expensive hobby.

I made a section just for the photography stuff that I think stands out. Its over HERE

Well, from the way it looks I have the site pages back to where they need to be. I have learned a few things in the process, mainly BACK SHIT UP BEFORE AN UPDATE. just because the 1000 or so updates before that worked without issue, doesn’t mean the next one wont kill your site. Lesson learned.

Now, to getting my theme back to  the way I like it and working and playing nice.

Well got around to updating the site yesterday, and the update to WordPress ate its own head, on top of that had some issues with FTP and lost some files in the process of trying to fix WordPress. Got WP back up and working, and found my theme is not rel. 3.8 friendly. So I have a lot of work there to get it working.

So… yeah, yesterday sucked.

Running this odd new theme from WordPress until I can get my old theme straightened out.