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well. first update in well over a year…. lets catch up, short version. 

Took a trip to the zoo for the first time in little over a decade. Can see some images I took HERE

Got a load of projects in limbo waiting for warm weather to paint. 

  • EP7 Stormtrooper helm
  • Bladerunner gun
  • Tri-gun 45 Long Colt
  • Luke’s New Hope Saber

Other projects on the “to do” list

  • Fidget spinners
  • Scrapping the Daft Punk Thomas helm I made with the boy and rebuilding it.
  • Start the Daft Punk Guy helm 
  • Try and get the local botanical gardens in the spring for some nice images


Got some new gear. 

  • Got a polarizing filter for my camera. 
  • Got a new carbon fiber tripod
  • Got three Raspberry Pi 3’s set up for media center, retro game emulator, and light weight Linux desktop. 
  • built me a new PC. Went a little overboard, but should get 4~5 years out of it. 

2017 should be good.. key word “should” only a month in so far, only time will tell lol.


Well, been a while for an update, so here we go.

The Thomas helmet, was not 100% completed for Halloween. There was some issues for with the control cable that I had not taken into account. More on that later when I get a chance. Oh, no pictures of the finish paint job, and it was dropped Halloween night and destroyed the paint. Sooo in the spring when it warms up we will revisit and fix the Helmet.

I got couple new pieces for my camera. A Canon Speedlite 430EX II flash and Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM lens. The flash was needed badly as the one on my T3 (1100D) sucks. The new lens I plan on using for parties and landscapes. I still have my Rokinon 14mm for night sky and the like, but its manual focus and friggen heavy.

Also got a new spray gun, an Iwata LPH80. This was a Christmas gift I got to replace the crappy Harbor Freight spray gun I bought for painting the Thomas helmet.

Now, to wait for warm weather…

Last night noticed the clouds were rolling in, so I broke out the camera and hooked up my intervalometer and took a series of shots and try my hand at a time lapse.

The video has 42 images in it. Each image is an 8 second exposure and taken 10 seconds apart. So roughly 50 minutes of time passes start to finish.

Video is only 7 seconds long, and that’s only because I slowed it down, otherwise at 25 frames a second it would have only been 2 seconds long.

Got the code working for the visor animations WHOOO HOOOO!! Had an epiphany this morning after fighting it for what felt like forever. Turned out to be stupidly simple, what I get for over complicating things.

The brains of the display is a SureElectronics 3208 display, driven by an Arduino micro controller. A rotary switch converted to a potentiometer connected to the Arduino is what allows for what animation selection.