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Last night noticed the clouds were rolling in, so I broke out the camera and hooked up my intervalometer and took a series of shots and try my hand at a time lapse.

The video has 42 images in it. Each image is an 8 second exposure and taken 10 seconds apart. So roughly 50 minutes of time passes start to finish.

Video is only 7 seconds long, and that’s only because I slowed it down, otherwise at 25 frames a second it would have only been 2 seconds long.

Got the code working for the visor animations WHOOO HOOOO!! Had an epiphany this morning after fighting it for what felt like forever. Turned out to be stupidly simple, what I get for over complicating things.

The brains of the display is a SureElectronics 3208 display, driven by an Arduino micro controller. A rotary switch converted to a potentiometer connected to the Arduino is what allows for what animation selection.