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On the way to work (about 530am) I spotted a place that didn’t have house lights for 1000 yards in any direction. So I decided to pull over and try and get a shot of the Milky Way. I didn’t expect to get a perfect shot due to light pollution from town only 3-4 miles away (bright yellow low left). I was happy with what I got. 

Shot with my Rokinon 14mm @14mm, f/2.8, ISO3200, 20 second exposure.

Link to higher res version HERE

Milky Way

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On my way to work the other day I had to stop for gas, across the street from the gas station is a veterans memorial. I decided to take a couple photos of it, and this is the one I liked. Its the Veterans Walk Memorial in O’Fallon Missouri. Each of the pillars is for each branch of the military, with their corresponding flag. Flanking those is the US flag and the P.O.W. flag with an eternal flame. In front of the pillars are several bronze combat boots that look as they are all about to take a step. 

Veterans Walk Memorialclick for larger image