All posts for the month December, 2013

Well, from the way it looks I have the site pages back to where they need to be. I have learned a few things in the process, mainly BACK SHIT UP BEFORE AN UPDATE. just because the 1000 or so updates before that worked without issue, doesn’t mean the next one wont kill your site. Lesson learned.

Now, to getting my theme back to  the way I like it and working and playing nice.

Well got around to updating the site yesterday, and the update to WordPress ate its own head, on top of that had some issues with FTP and lost some files in the process of trying to fix WordPress. Got WP back up and working, and found my theme is not rel. 3.8 friendly. So I have a lot of work there to get it working.

So… yeah, yesterday sucked.

Running this odd new theme from WordPress until I can get my old theme straightened out.