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Well. The issue seams to be with old installs of NextGEN playing nice with the revamp from 1.9.13 to 2.X versions coupled with version 3.6.1 of WordPress.

What I had to do was completely uninstall NextGEN, which killed all links in the database. Doing a clean install of NextGEN version 2.0 it works, and works well.

I just have to COMPLETELY redo all my pages. Which sucks. Guess I’m lucky that I don’t have hundreds of galleries to redo.

Now that I am on the new 2.x platform, I hope my issues are gone. Any more I will dump NextGEN and go to something else. What that would be, haven’t the foggiest idea. NextGEN was the best….. emphasis on was.


Ok, I have used NextGEN gallery since moving to WordPress. Well. last couple of updates have been horrid. So I have to completely dump it and start over. So all my pages will not work until I can get this straightened out. Not that anyone looks at them anyway.